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Eastern Printers Digital Imaging Sdn Bhd

Our structural team of specialist and digital graphic designers interact with you directly to create and produce visually striking, impressive and professional images.

For computer plate systems where the printing plates are directly imaged, digital proofing is a must to be available for all components in the production process including the printing press.

Our vision is the complete digital workflow from prepress to press to postpress. That's how we achieve production advantages for our customers and ensure the attractiveness it deserves-because it reaches its audience quickly, skillfully and individually targeted to consumer desires.
Eastern Printers (BM) Sdn Bhd

Print quality, scope of potential applications, reliability and simple operation are the criteria that the ideal press must meet in order to gain a competitive edge in this lucrative market.

All the printing presses in EPBM, has been carefully and wisely selected to speed up job turnaround, while its reliable technology takes the stress out of meeting tight deadlines.

Programme-controlled printing at the touch of a button, plate changing with Autoplate, monitored sheet control, mainly self regulating inking and dampening systems, automated wash-up devices-these are the standard features of our printing press.
Eastern Printers Computerised Forms Sdn Bhd

In order to provide the most comprehensive service, Eastern Printers has ventured in continuous computerized forms printing in 1984.

Our web printing presses were designed especially for short, medium and long run, short makeready and superior print quality. They are equipped with the sophisticated PC technology and the latest microprocessor on ensure exceptionally short makeready on both new and repeat jobs.

All components are carefully matched from the unwind unit to the folder or rewind. Together with latest state-of-the-art control technology and fiberoptic signal transmission means exceptionally fast make ready, hairline register and superior print quality.
RISB Products Sdn Bhd

To be the Preferred Print Solutions Partner in Local & Global Print Communication market built upon the values of Speed, Volume & Affordability.

Industrial Printing
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